PeopleSoft as a Service (PSaaS)

There’s only so much coffee in the world. Give your IT team a break.

Instead of being buried in the highly technical support and administration of your systems, your IT department could be transforming your company with cool algorithms and advanced system configurations. Don’t hold them back. At Motown Group, we would relish the chance to run your PeopleSoft or other Oracle solution on a day-to-day basis. We offer subscription-based PeopleSoft as a Service (PSaaS) for:

  • On-going technical and functional support
  • Application Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Application Development
  • Functional and module-specific knowledge


  • Flat monthly subscription fee includes support across all contracted modules.
  • Discrete roles and responsibilities matrix creates a menu of choices, as well as eliminates confusion on who is responsible for specific tasks.
  • Average cost savings of 35% or more over current operational costs.
  • Size your support team based on needs, and then adjust quickly due to cyclical or project demands.
  • Stay current with PeopleSoft patches, bundles, and image updates which will reduce the one-time implementation costs.
  • Multiple resources for each job function to eliminate risks associated with attrition and knowledge transfer.

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