Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E)

June 19, 2017


Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) wanted to upgrade to PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 from version 9.1 and wished to provide several usability enhancements to the users:

  • A complete fluid-based and mobile friendly experience for all Employee and Manager Self-Service applications
  • Incorporate Approval Workflow for a number of business processes
  • Utilize Activity Guides to lead users through complex HR processes
  • Enable Elastic Search across the application


MoTown worked closely with the LG&E staff to define the Employee and Manager Self-Service transactions that needed to be available to the user community.  We then defined a development plan for those transactions that were not currently available as Fluid-Enabled in the delivered image and drafted development standards for how to convert the pages to utilize the fluid technology.  Lastly, MoTown completed the development of these pages, while utilizing best-practice development techniques, to ensure there is minimal impact to any delivered PeopleSoft objects.  Additionally, we created Approval Workflow processes for many of these transactions and utilized Fluid-based Approval technologies.

We faced challenges in building Activity Guides, as LG&E has complex business processes and these guides pulled data from a variety of sources.  To manage these challenges MoTown worked with the key HR and Benefits Personnel to create several activity guides that lead users through complex business processes such as, New Hire Processing, Benefits Enrollment and Bi-Weekly Payroll Processing.  These activity guides allow LG&E to ensure a consistent business process is being followed with each transaction and greatly improves data quality within the system.  Additionally, MoTown trained the LG&E staff on how to create their own Activity Guides.


The final outcome was a successful implementation with significant business process improvement and with a user-friendly and mobile compatible user interface.

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